Posted by: blueheronacres | September 13, 2011

Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival

September 11, 2011 – Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival

We are at the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival this weekend. Getting here was tough for everyone. We had to go several hours north to get around the flooding along the Susquehanna. We were really luck at our farm – we had some flooding in our office, but didn’t get any significant damage. Lots of people we know had really devastating loses.

We are located in Building A, right between Miles Wine Cellars and The Caraway Tea Company.

We tried some excellent wines yesterday. The Merlot from Johnson Estate Winery was yummy and so was their Marechal Foch. We’ve also been drinking a lot of the delicious Merlot and Dry Riesling from Keuka Spring Winery as well as Inspire Moore’s excellent dry Riesling, Joy. Its a tough life

After the show yesterday, we cooked up one of our fabulous American Kobe skirt steaks at the campground we are staying at. Rare. Incredibly tender and juicy.



  1. I saw someone walk by with a side of beef. We were so busy at the Happy Bitch Wine booth, we never got to visit any other vendors. Wish we got to see you

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